Rug Cleaning in Plantation

It seems that more and more people are adding area rugs to the décor of their homes. Considering most homes’ flooring is some sort of hard surface material, such as tile, hardwood, polished concrete, or laminate, it makes sense. Hard surface floors can make a home feel cold and uninviting. Area rugs can warm up a space, and make it feel homier and much more comfortable. Of course, area rugs when combined with throw pillows, can completely change the look of the room. Bright colors can liven the room, while softer colors can make it feel more calming and soothing. You can’t change wall to wall carpeting in that way. Regardless of the soft floor covering, it will require regular maintenance to stay looking fresh and clean. This equates to regular vacuuming, but also annual deep cleaning by a professional company. Deep cleaning also brings the fibers back up, and can make it feel like new again. Davie Carpet Cleaners offers complete soft surface floors cleaning services in South Florida.

Stain Removal for Area Rugs in Plantation

It doesn’t matter how careful you, your family, and friends are in the home, there are bound to spills on the rugs, from time to time. Of course, those who have pets know that even the most well-behaved and well-trained pets can have occasional accidents. Naturally, all spills should be soaked up with a soft, white cloth as soon as they happen, but whatever spilled could potentially stain and damage the rug. Contacting a cleaning company for help would be the best way to go. Davie Carpet Cleaners provides complete stain removal services for all types of area rugs.

Oriental Rug Shampooing in Plantation

Oriental rugs require different care than the typical rugs found in homes. They are much more fragile, and must be cleaned with great care. The use of cleansers that you can buy at the grocery store, or home improvement store can easily ruin them. It is essential that you only allow professionals with the expertise to care for classic Oriental rugs. Davie Carpet Cleaners are experts when it comes to shampooing and removing stains from Oriental Rugs.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Services in Plantation

Davie Carpet Cleaners is the premiere provider of deep cleaning services for area rugs and oriental rugs in Broward County. They also offer tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and pet odor removal. Call 954-551-4458 to learn about rug cleaning in Plantation.

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