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Everyone wants to have a nice, clean home that smells like it’s well-kempt too. No sane person wants to be known as the person with the dirty and smelly house. It’s important to make a good, first impression on your friends and family members, and a clean home that is decorated with tasteful, yet comfortable furnishings is certainly a good way to do so. Naturally, when you buy new furniture, it is in pristine condition, and free from any odors. Unless you live in a museum, it simply won’t stay that way on its own. You should consider contracting with an upholstery maintenance company that is experienced in caring for a variety of fabric types. This regular maintenance will help to protect the furniture, keep it looking nice, and ensure that any odors are removed. Precaution is much better than dealing with problems later. Davie Carpet Cleaners provides fast, quality service to keep upholstered furniture in tiptop condition.

Fabric Furniture Cleaning Service in Weston

One of the things that few people realize is that the odors that are created or brought into the home become embedded in the fabric of your upholstered furniture. It might be undetected right away, but there are layers and layers of odors there. Generally, those who live in the home don’t notice them, but visitors do. Whether its Aunt Matilda’s odd perfume, Uncle Joe’s mothball scent, or a smoker who has the smell of smoke on them, the odors will get in the fabric. Even the odor of a person’s smelly feet will linger, not to mention the other body odors that get trapped in it. The professionals at Davie Carpet Cleaners offer complete odor removal services for fabrics of all types.

Fabric and Upholstery Services in Weston

Few people ever want to think about the nasty things that get stuck inside of fabric covered furniture. Leather and other hard surfaced furniture simply needs to be wiped down, unless there is a stain, while soft surfaced furniture requires a lot more care and maintenance. The average human body sheds about forty thousand skin cells every minute. Think about the number of minutes you spend sitting on the couch every day. That’s a lot of skin cells that are inside of your furniture! Therefore, furniture gets heavier over time, as do mattresses. Professional cleaning helps to remove the cells that are ground into the upholstery. Davie Carpet Cleaners are experts at making your furniture look, feel, and smell new again.

Professional Upholstery Care Service in Weston

Davie Carpet Cleaners provides top of the line upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning services in Weston and Davie. Their professional cleaners take the service they provide seriously. Call 954-551-4458 to schedule a service for cleaning your upholstered furniture.

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